Primary Examination

Here are some resources that I have compiled during my studies from various sources. I sat the exam in early 2003 so these resources are from that vintage.
I'll be adding more in the future.

Pharmacology & Physiology

MCQ Answers - Pharmacology (2003)
MCQ Answers - Physiology (2003)


SAQs list - Pharmacology (current up to 2003)
SAQs list - Physiology (current up to 2003)

SAQs - Pharmacology (randomised, 5 per page) for practicing exam technique
SAQs - Physiology (randomised, 5 per page)


Download - Internet Sites of Importance
I collected & collated all these links into categories within this ZIP file. Some of these links may no longer be current.


Fellowship Examination

I've finally managed to place some resources here for the fellowship exam following my successful attempt in September 2006. Hooray!
Feel free to forward these files to others.


MCQ Answers - Super-culled list of repeat questions (2006). Most of this is not my work.

SAQ Answers - Charlie Willmott & I created these in the leadup to the written exam. Please don't take them as gospel, rather use them as a study framework.

    Most of the the resources I have total 4.2GB of data - simply too much to place here due to bandwidth restrictions. Feel free to contact me and I might be able to burn you a copy.


Here are tutorials that I have given over the years. They will be both web based and available for download in various formats. This section will be a work in progress.

The original format is in italics. Other formats may not appear as originally intended with respect to fonts, layout, animations, etc.

Feel free to use & distribute these tutorials. If you do use them all I ask is that you acknowledge the source. Thanks.


Physics & Clinical Measurement

Oxygen Measurment - online - ppt - keynote - pdf