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Flight Level 390 between Brisbane & Tokyo

November 14, 1998


12:15pm - The Great Barrier Reef

Here we are at 39,000 feet flying past the reef in our 747-300.
The photos really don't do the reef justice - the colours were amazing from this angle.



3:20pm - Flight Deck

Well, I tried really hard to try and sit in the jump seat for the landing - this is as close as I managed to get.
It was still great to check out the cockpit, though. I just wish I didn't bump that big red button :(
They can still fly OK on 3 engines anyway...

Tokyo, Japan

November 14, 1998


10:11pm - Downtown Narita

Unfortunately we didn't get time to make the trip into Tokyo - maybe next time. It was about an hour and a half by train into Tokyo from where we were staying. We did manage to spend a few hours in Narita. Felicity and I walked around for a few hours down these tiny streets checking out the amazing buildings and numerous vending machines - there are vending machines everywhere and you can buy just about anything. We ended up having dinner at a sushi bar down this street.



10:30pm - Sushi Bar

This was where we ate and on the right is what we ate (the Ume sushi dish). It tasted great, except for that silver thing hiding at the back...



11:12pm - Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

This was as close as Felicity and I got to the temple. We didn't think they'd like to have tourists poking around at this hour at night. This temple dates back to 810AD and is the home of one of the largest Buddhist sects in Japan, the Shingonshu Chiasan-ha.



11:27pm - Hotel Nikko Narita

On the left Felicity standing outside our hotel. On the right is a picture of a book I had next to my bed. I just had to take a picture of the writing in the top corner. I really don't remember making any promises to anyone. :)




11:50pm - Local Brew

This is an example of the stuff you can buy in vending machines. This one was right outside the hotel room. Just what I needed after a very, very long day...


November 15, 1998


10:30am - Narita Airport

Don't leave home without it...


11:15am - Narita Airport

Here we are waiting to board our plane for the flight to Heathrow. Pictured from left to right is Felicity, Luke and myself. We all went our separate ways at London - Felicity to Kent, Luke to Edinburgh and I left for Leeds.


2:10pm - Somewhere over Siberia

Hidden among the convoluted frozen rivers and lakes was the occasional unnatural straight line of powerlines and roads - there was obviously someone down there.

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