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Leeds, United Kingdom

November 21, 1998


10:30am - The Journey to Haworth

The journey to Haworth was on this beautiful steam train, on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. The train stops a beautifully restored stations on the way, one of which, Oakworth, along with the railway featured in the famouse British film, The Railway Children.



10:40am - Fire Extinguishers of the Period

Remove pin, point away from your face & aim at the base of the fire...



11:10am - Oakworth Station

This is Oakworth station, featured in The Railway Children. This is one of five beautifully restored train stations along the way.



12:30pm - The Bronte Parsonage

Haworth was the home to one of the most famous literary families in the world, the Brontes. On the left is the Parsonage in which they lived for most of their lives. The Georgian house was built in 1778 from stone found in the area, the Brontes arrived here in 1820. A century later, the Rev. John Wade, who took Mr Bronte's place as incumbant, added the gable wing you can see to the right. The rest of the building is as was when the Brontes lived there. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights were both written in this house.
Mr Bronte outlived all his children and his wife, all of whom died in this house. His wife and the two eldest daugters, Maria and Elizabeth, died within a few years. Charlotte was the last - she died in the early stages of pregnancy. As a result there are no direct decendants of the Brontes.
The image to the right is the view of the Yorkshire moorland which inspired many of their works.



12:30pm - The Bronte Parsonage

This is the very pub in which Branwell Bronte, the only boy of the family, drank himself and drugged himself to his death. I had an ale in here after visiting the Parsonage, but they gave me a funny look when I asked for the opium. Apparently they haven't sold it for a while. :)

The Lake District, Cumbria, United Kingdom

November 22, 1998


10:10am - Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe

We stopped off at this cafe on the way to the Lake District. I guess I must be a toilet. Hmmm.



1:30pm - Lake District

The Lake District in Lancashire contains many lakes and fells within its 30 mile radius. The scenery is certainly spectacular and there are numerous walking trails in and around the lakes to take it in. We were going to do some hiking today, however the weather thought otherwise.



2:30pm - Dove Cottage, Grasmere

Dove Cottage was where the poet William Wordsworth spent nine years of his life with his sister, Dorothy. The cottage was built in the 17th century as a pub, called The Dove and Olive (hence Dove Cottage), until the Wordsworths moved in, in late 1799. Poems such as Michael, Daffodils and The Prelude were written in this house. It was amazing to walk around in the house surrounded by the possessions of Wordsworth. It was not hard to imagine what life was like in those days. Once again, photography inside wasn't allowed. :(



3:30pm - Kirkstone Pass Inn

Just before heading back to Leeds we stopped of at Kirkstone Pass Inn for a drink. This is the highest pub in England, situated 1,500 feet above sea level. It was built in 1496. The fog you can see is actually the cloud base - there was a little snow on the mountains just above here. It was very cold and very wet.

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