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Yorkshire, United Kingdom

November 28, 1998


3:30pm - Beamsley Beacon

This is a spectacular view from Beamsley Beacon, near Ilkley. The beacons were used in ancient times to pass signals rapidly from one part of the country to another, by lighting fires on the high land. The picture on the right is of the beacon itself. There was a separate stone well for the fire.

November 29, 1998


3:40pm - Malham Cove

The Malham area has one of Britain's most dramatic limestone landscapes - moulded from glacial erosion over 10,000 years ago. Malham Cove is a huge natural limestone amphitheatre, formed by a geological tear. The stream you can see at the base doesn't flow from a waterfall. Instead the stream disappears into the limestone, well before the cliff, only to suddenly reappear at the base. It is quite amazing. The picture on the right is the view from the top, looking back into the valley below.

London, United Kingdom

December 1, 1998


10:00am - Some Familiar Sites

Just before taking a river cruise to Greenwich I though I would take some photos of some well known structures. On the left are the Houses of Parliament with the famous clock tower, which holds the 14 tonne bell, Big Ben. On the right is Tower Bridge. I have taken many pictures of other important sites - I just can't show them all here, sorry.


11:30am - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (reconstruction)

This is one of the many interesting buildings we saw on the cruise to Greenwich. It is a reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. It was originally built in 1599 and it burnt down in 1613. It was then rebuilt in 1614, closed by the Puritans in 1642 and demolished two years later. This building has been reconstructed close to the original site. The whole complex should be finished next year which includes an entire Elizabethan complex.



12:30pm - The Monument

This monument was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London and to celebrate the rebuilding of the city. The fire began in a baker's house in Pudding Lane on Sunday 2 September 1666 and was extinguished 3 days later after destroying a large part of the city. The monument is 202 feet high, which is the exact distance between it and the site in Pudding Lane where the fire began.



12:50pm - The Monument

This is the view from the bottom looking up inside the column, showing the 311 steps which lead up to the viewing platform. The picture on the right is the reward for the climb (after first overcoming the dizziness). At the bottom of the picture is Pudding Lane. In the distance is Tower Bridge, the HMS Belfast to the right, and the tallest building in London (at the moment), the Canada Tower at Canary Wharf, which can be seen to the left of the frame.



3:30pm - Other Famous Sites

The dome of St Paul's Cathedral pokes out from modern London on the left. The picture on right is Piccadilly Circus, in the West End, heavily infested with the lichenoid neon logos of familiar products...



6:40pm - Harrod's at Night

Close to were I am staying is the most famous of London's many department stores, Harrod's, with some 300 departments and over 4000 staff. At night the building is illuminated by 11,500 lights - you really can't miss it! The picture on the right is of a window display in Harrod's. The department stores have some spectacular displays in their windows.

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