UK & Europe 1998

This website I created in 1998 after travelling through England & the Czech Republic with my very first digital camera - the Canon A5. That camera is nothing special by today's standards but back then it turned heads - a camera with an LCD!
Europe 2003

A photojournal website I created of our holiday to Europe in 2003 featuring Norway & the Czech Republic. Similar to the previous site but slightly improved. I was now onto my third digital camera - the Canon IXUS 400


Jitka in Australia 2004

Jitka's website she created for her holiday in 2004. Travelling from the Czech Republic, she spent six weeks in Australia before heading home.
Germany 05-06

For the next four weeks, follow us as we travel to Germany & the Czech Republic.
Jitka in Australia 06-07

Jitka's second visit to Australia.
FANZCA Material

Study resources of mine for anyone who may be interested. Files and links for both the FANZCA primary & final examinations will appear here. This will be a work in progress
MobileMe Pages

Personal pages located on my MobileMe site (Yes, I made the switch back...). Feel free to look around. Some pages are password protected.